E! News interviews Heather on Weddings in Paris

Heather, from Rendez-vous in Paris, was interviewed by E! News this past May, to discuss the secret preparations for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Paris wedding festivities! We love planning VIP events, and we’re sure that their Parisian celebration was a big success! Rendez-vous in Paris ensures discretion and privacy in planning celebrity events, we work with…

Modern Art Exposition at Versailles

Working in a country that is home to so many gorgeous historic chateaus, finding a traditionally beautiful venue is not much of a challenge. What becomes interesting and perhaps a bit complex, however, is finding a way to incorporate modern decor and luxuries with these venues in a fashion that remains elegant.   If done wrong, mixing modern and traditional style can result in the creation of something that is nothing short of chaotic for the senses. When mixed thoughtfully, modern and traditional decor can be used to highlight each other’s beauty instead of competing to attract the eye.

As this is a challenge I have been facing a lot with recent weddings, I was particularly intrigued by this year’s modern art exposition at Versailles. In past years Versailles has featured the art of Jeff Koons, Takashi Murkami, and Xavier Veilhan and Bernar Venet. This years featured artist is Joana Vasconcelos who’s modern works now stand amongst the beauty of the Versailles gardens and within Versailles’ walls. Below are some photos of some of her work:

Coeur Indépendant Noir

Chanel at Versailles

Here is a peek at the Chanel Pre-Spring/Summer 2013 collection recently shown in the beautiful gardens of Versailles!   Karl Lagerfeld’s contradictory inspirations of Marie Antionette and rock ‘n’ roll spawned this stunning collection that features classic (even historic) style with a modern twist. In an interview with Vogue he said, “I think modernity and classic beauty can be mixed and matched by Chanel.”