L’atelier privé du mariage / Private Luxury Wedding Expo part 2

It was a sunny afternoon when l’Atelier privé du mariage opened its beautiful flower-framed gates in the heart of Paris. The rich and vintage wedding pieces, robes and accessories transformed the classic gallery completely and took every visitor 80 years back in time. Wedding photographs in black & white as well as numerous chic flower bouquets added to the historic flair and brought back the feel of the 20s and 30s. Every visitor was enchanted by the ambiance and the opportunity to discuss their upcoming wedding over a glass of champagne. From wedding websites and online advice, to handmade lace and diamond studded tiaras, this event had it all for the modern-day vintage bride.

We loved meeting all you future Brides & Grooms (and quite a few mothers of the Bride or Groom!). Thank you so much for coming out!

Proposals in Par…eh no, Bali

We all love hearing “how we got engaged” stories, whether we are single or already married, we still find ourselves emitting a heart-felt “aaawwww” when listening to the newly fiancé-d, eyes glistening, elaborate on his question and her response (or vice-versa!).
Recently I heard about a breathtaking marriage proposal and I’m proud to say it was a friend of mine who planned it all out. It’s not a Rendez-vous in Paris story, but it does have a happy ending!