Wedding Trends of 2012

The happiest day of your life should also be one of the most beautiful. But when designing the look for your wedding it’s important to find the perfect balance between “trendy” and “classic.” You don’t ever want to look back on your wedding photos and wonder, “What was I thinking!” Luckily, finding that balance should be easy in 2012 as the biggest wedding trends of 2012 are flowers and lace.  Flowers and lace are both elements of design that are very versatile, but will never go out of style. Flowers and lace can be applied in your wedding design in a way that is unique to your personal style while maintaining an air of sophistication and luxury.   Perhaps the most obvious place for lace in a wedding is on the dress. A lace dress is timeless and elegant, and though one is bound to add some sophistication to your look, there is no need to fear looking matronly. The lace dresses of 2012 have proven to be modern and extremely sexy as well.