Congratulations to Amy & Nathan Septembre 13, 2010!

Amy & Nathan from California, came to Paris for an intimate wedding surrounded by their closest friends & family! September weddings are the perfect opportunity for fall colors and crisp champagne. This couple chose the garden of an art gallery as their sweet setting, and had a divine dinner made by a private French chef in the gallery’s main room. The small townhouse, turned modern art showplace was theirs for the night, and they made the most of it by dancing and laughing the night away.

Trash your dress Parisian Style

So the big day is over.  All the cake has been eaten and the champagne drunk.  Now, as the flowers are thrown away and thank you notes written, you must decide what to do with that exquisite dress.  There are a couple of options.  You can sell it, box it up for a niece or future daughter or re-make it into a new dress.  But what about having some more fun?  Another reason to celebrate, perhaps?  You have spent so much time and energy making sure you and that dress looked perfect for the big day, it makes you sad to think of it hanging alone in a closet!  It is therefore time to declare that your wedding was a unique occasion, and the dress will never be seen or used again.  Its purpose has been served.  It is time to trash that dress!

Decoration Inspiration : Hang it up!

While dreaming up remarkable ideas for decorating your unique wedding, much more can be imagined than simple table centerpieces consisting of flowers and candles.  By using décorations suspendues such as ribbons and lights along with traditional table and ceremony decorations, you can really enhance the quality and feel of your wedding.  With minimal material, we can create a big impact, which is visually stunning and can really transform the whole ambiance of the event.