2010 Wedding Trends

2010 American Wedding Trends

According to theknot.com, 2010 wedding styles will be “intimate” and “comfortable,” and we’ll be seeing more small weddings with a lot of personal touches. Tea-length dresses made of light flowing materials will replace strict bodiced ball gowns as soon as the weather permits. Retro/Vintage style is still going strong, carried over from 2009, which is probably related to the economic situation of the past few years – In rough times, we want feel-good events. We want to be reassured, surrounded by our loved ones, and be reminded of easy, happy times. What a marvelous ambiance for a wedding.

Gorgeous wedding video to swoon over

During my daily browsing session I came upon this moving, sweet wedding video. It’s full of love and definitely inspirational! It was shot in California, but astonishingly resembles some venues we have in the South of France (fields and fields of lavender)! Thanks to Crystal for posting this stunning video production by Anton Lorimer !!   For fabulous French weddings visit www.rendezvous-inparis.com.…