Mystery Wedding – Hindu ceremony traditions

I was asked to supply some “Day-of” assistance recently at a 250 guest wedding in a beautiful chateau outside of Paris. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge whose wedding it was, nor in which chateau it was held…

Let’s just say that the couple spared no expense, and that there were beautiful and very international people all over this chateau (one which has appeared in several movies…)

The ceremony was Hindu, and this was my first time seeing a Hindu wedding. I must say, that I was quite moved by the power of the rituals performed. I was so touched by this wedding that I wanted to share a little about Hindu ceremonies with you.

Back to school : Floral design

Around Europe and the States alike, it is officially Back to School season (called “la rentrée scolaire” in French). This September, I decided to rentrer à l’école (go back to school) myself, and take an intensive Floral Decoration for Weddings course to update my skills! Wedding Industry Professionals need keep up with trends and continually refresh their techniques and knowledge in so many different domains, so I was grateful to find a class specializing in Wedding compositions at Catherine Muller’s school of floral design.

A couple cute finds : Wedding Hairstyles

I know it’s late in the year to be talking about 2009’s Wedding Hair Trends but I found these styles too gorgeous to not pass them on. I found them on Marie Claire France’s site while browsing. If you speak French, the phone numbers for the stylists are on their website (click here)!

Now who woulda thought the old Banana clip could be used again?! The Chignon banane has apparently been brought back this year with a classy ribbon (French) accent!

August in France

The month of August is a peaceful time for the inhabitants of Paris because it’s the period where almost everyone goes South (or East, or West… sometimes even North…) and the capitol becomes somewhat deserted.

I don’t know if I’d fully recommend coming as a tourist at this time of year, since so many shops and restaurants, and other businesses are closed (although the Eiffel Tower is open an hour later than usual), but for Parisians, it’s our little break from bustling city life.

The banks of the Seine are closed to cars, in order to make room for  Paris Plages (Paris Beaches), and Parisians arrive early to grab a lounge chair and try to soak up some rays along side the river. Swimming in the Seine is not recommended (or even allowed in this downtown area), but the Mairie (Mayor’s Office) does import real sand and there are plenty of large fans with water sprinklers to cool off hot citizens. Paris Plages is also a great place to listen to live bands, get some ice cream, or take some outdoor exercise classes.