A Wedding Photographer in Paris

The Wedding Planner’s network

As a Wedding Planner, my goal is to give my clients the most magnifique wedding, with minimal stress, while working within their budget. One of the reasons I’m able to stay within certain budgets is because of negotiated prices thanks to professional relationships I’ve established with trusted vendors, another is through understanding what goes in to the services each vendor provides. 

As a liaison between French wedding professionals and multi-national betrothed couples, I need to be able to match the perfect prestataire to each couple. This means on one side, knowing what the couple is looking for, and on the other, understanding how my vendors work.

No matter how perfectly planned a wedding I design, on the jour-j (day-of), I’m so busy setting things up, calming the bride, encouraging the groom, decorating, delivering, adjusting and fixing that I never have time to sit back and watch how the different vendors prepare, and execute their services. Though I know what to expect as the finished product from each of my vendors (beautiful portraits, fantastic music started on time, an amazing floral arrangement placed just-so…), I don’t always know what goes into creating it. This is why I’ve embarked on the journey of answering the question “how’d you do that?”