Wedding Traditions

One of my favorite parts of a wedding is seeing which traditions and symbols the couple uses to accentuate the meaning of their very special day.

From the white dress in Judeo-Christian weddings, representing the bride’s virginity, or purity of spirit, to the symbolism of an eternal union expressed by the continuous circling gold of a wedding band, each element from the ceremony to the honeymoon has an explanation.

Knowing why generations have followed the same customs, knowing why traditions are traditions makes these gestures thoughtful and full of feeling.

Eventful Weekend : Dîner Blanc, Designers Days, and Prix de Diane!

Thursday was the first night of Designers Days in Paris, the long weekend where galleries and show rooms, workshops and lofts display the work of budding and established artists and architects (for free). It’s also the occasion where students in architecture and design show their work on a theme, (this year they innovated designs for public seating) and where professionals give conferences on subjects ranging from “The birth of Air”, and “Using New Materials”, to “The Secrets of Creation : Production and protection during an economic crisis”.

One and Only Paris Photography

Recently I worked with One and Only Paris Photography for some of the images I wanted for my website (  These photographers have an innate capacity to quickly understand people, to put them at ease and to incite and capture emotion that is remarkable and makes their photo sessions so much fun!

Plus, they have a concept I love!

It’s called “You & the City” and it’s for anyone who wants to capture special moments in Paris. For example, you and a girlfriend come to Paris to shop for a wedding dress (or anything else!) and you want to get non-touristy photos taken to commemorate the experience. Or you are planning a wedding in Paris, and you want to give everyone a taste of what’s to come with customized Save the Dates or Invitations with shots of you around the City of Lights.