Surprise in Paris

Knowing I’m a big fan of the series Sex & the City, my own wonderfully romantic Mr. Big took me for drinks one night at the bar of the famous and very old-world Parisian hotel, Plaza Athénée (featured in the last episodes of the series). With rosé champagne (which goes better than a Cosmo in this luxurious bar) in elegant flutes, we toasted the end of a lovely weekend spent meandering the streets of Paris, in and out of shops and galleries.

Proposals in Par…eh no, Bali

We all love hearing “how we got engaged” stories, whether we are single or already married, we still find ourselves emitting a heart-felt “aaawwww” when listening to the newly fiancé-d, eyes glistening, elaborate on his question and her response (or vice-versa!).
Recently I heard about a breathtaking marriage proposal and I’m proud to say it was a friend of mine who planned it all out. It’s not a Rendez-vous in Paris story, but it does have a happy ending!